Following the ten plagues brought upon the Egyptians reported in the last two-week’s portions,  in this week’s portion, we read of the Exodus in full with the drowning of the Hebrews enemy – the Egyptians in the Reed Sea.

However, the Jewish people were in a quandary. The sea was in front of them and the Egyptians behind, and the desert on either side, what were they to do?

G-d said to Moses; “speak to the Children of Israel, and let them go forth…”(14:15)

According to the Midrash, the sea had not yet split when G-d told the Jews to enter it. The people hesitated until the Prince of the Tribe of Judah, Nachshon Son of Aminadav jumped in. Only then did G-d tell Moses to raise his hand and split the sea.

Nachshon knew that G-d had instructed the Jewish People to proceed to Mt Sinai to receive the Torah. He was therefore unfazed by obstacles. If he had to jump into the sea in order to reach Mt Sinai, so be it. Thus, in his merit the sea split.

Nowadays as well, we have been informed that since we stand at the threshold of the Messianic Redemption, our sole task is to proceed to that goal. If it appears to us that obstacles remain, let us learn from Nachshon to proceed nonetheless; in this merit any perceived obstacles will disappear.

Have a meaningful Shabbat and successful week to follow.