The Third section of the Book of Numbers begins, as G-d tells Moses to instruct Aaron to kindle the lamps of the Tabernacle’s Menorah. It continues with the final preparations of the Jewish people’s departure from Mt. Sinai and the events that occurred at their first stops in the dessert.

G-d instructed Moses to tell Aaron, “when you kindle the lamps”….(8:2)

G-d instructed Moses to tell Aaron that whenever he would kindle the lamps of the Menorah, he should hold the fire to the wick until it remained burning steadily on its own.

Spiritually this means, that when we “light the flame” of our own soul, or the soul of another person, we should not just deliver some quick inspiration and then move on. We should remain near, nurturing the souls flame until it becomes a steady and self – reliant glow.

Chabad emulates this message within all of its efforts to connect with every Jewish man, women and child, with all that it takes to encourage and support them to stand on their own, and have the ability to kindle other flames.

Wishing you a good Shabbos and successful week to follow.